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Model 340 Distribution Oven filters incoming hot/wet sample gas and distributes it to three heated outlets for measurement by heated monitors, such as oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and total hydrocarbon (THC) analyzers.
An unheated outlet is also provided, which would normally be routed to a cooler/dryer for gas to be measurement by unheated monitors, such as paramagnetic oxygen (O2) and infrared (IR) analyzers.

Model 340 comprises a temperature-controlled oven assembly, housing one (or more) filters, a back-pressure regulator, and a needle-valve manifold assembly. All pneumatic components are mounted within a temperature-controlled oven. Inlet pressure is controlled by the back-pressure regulator, which ensures constant flow (via three individual needle valves) to each of the heated outlets. Sample gas pressure is displayed on the front panel; a thermocouple socket on the rear panel allows sample temperature to be monitored. Filter removal and needle-valve adjustment is easily achieved via the front panel, enabling individual flow control to three heated outlet ports. The 340 is supplied in 3U 19-inch rack-mounting case.
Dimensions (mm): 133h x 435w x 429d mm (3-unit 19-inch rack-mount)
Filter: replaceable 0.1 micron fibreglass
Gas-wetted materials: 316 stainless steel, PTFE, Kalrez
Inlets: 1 (standard)
Outlets: 3 heated and 1 unheated
Oven Temperature: 190C, adjustable via front-panel temperature controller
Power: 750 watts
Supply (mains) voltage: 110/120V 50/60Hz or 220/240V 50Hz
Weight: 10 kg

Custom configurations (such as dual-inlet) are available.

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