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NH3 (ammonia) Analysis
Signal's instruments for measuring gaseous ammonia are designed for monitoring stack emissions, engine exhaust, ambient air monitoring and gas manufacturing applications.
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Ammonia can be measured using a variety of detection techniques.

Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) is applicable when the gas is dry; Signal offers Model 418 for such measurement.

Given, however, that NH3 is highly soluble in water, cold techniques such as infrared measurement are generally unsuitable for hot/wet applications. In cooling and drying a heated sample, the NH3 will readily be lost during the sample conditioning process. For this reason Signal would recommend using a high-efficiency conversion of NH3 to NO in conjunction with heated chemiluminescence detection (CLD). See Application Data Sheet for options available using this technique. Signal offers Model 410 and Quasar class analyzers for such measurement.

Instruments for monitoring ammonia (NH3)

Model 410 NH3 (ammonia) to NO (nitric oxide) Converter
Series 4 Quasar class
Model 418 Infrared Analyzer

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