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ICOM Compact Indoor Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor
This weatherproof, integrated monitor is designed for unattended logging of carbon monoxide (CO) and temperature measurements for periods of up to one month.
ICOM features include:
• Compact IP66 enclosure
• On-board data logging
• Real time monitoring
• Rechargeable battery powered
• Unattended operation
• User-programmable logging interval

ICOM is a compact, unobtrusive carbon monoxide monitor designed for unattended logging of carbon monoxide (CO) and temperature measurements for periods of up to one month.

Based on technology used in the field-proven StreetBox range, ICOM measures carbon monoxide using an electrochemical sensing technique to provide an effective solution for longer term monitoring projects.

ICOM is powered by a sealed, rechargeable battery, which allows for up to 35 days of continuous, uninterrupted use. At the end of the desired logging period, the data can be downloaded from the onboard memory to a PC. Once downloaded, the data is stored in standard ASCII text format and may be displayed and printed using standard spreadsheet applications. Communication for data download and ICOM configuration is carried out using the combined RS232/charging lead along with any proprietary terminal program.

The ICOM’s robust IP66 rated ABS enclosure includes hinged covers that hide the on/off switch, status LED and data/charge connector. A range of accessories and spares are available including data/charge cable, charger and pillar mounting plate. Signal also offers a full range of support and calibration services.

ICOM is ideally suited for air quality surveys, health and safety studies and any application where unattended logging of carbon monoxide measurement over extended periods is required.

The ICOM logger provides a menu-driven user interface for:
• data download
• user configuration of logging interval
• scheduled logging start/stop time
• entry of calibration offsets
• current data display
• clock setting
• logger status

Technical Specifications
• Dimensions: 90mm x 120mm x 50mm
• Weight: 500g
• Enclosure rating: IP66
• Logging intervals: 1, 5, 15 & 30 minutes; 1, 6, 12, 24 hours
• Logger capacity: 32,700 records
• Battery Life Approximately: 35 days
• Sensor life: 2 years
• Sensor range: 0-500 ppm
• Resolution: 0.1 ppm
• Maximum zero shift: 0.25 ppm (-10°C to +40°C)
• Temperature range: -20ēC to +50ēC
• Pressure range: Atmospheric ą10%
• RH range: 15 to 90% non-condensing
• Span drift: <10% of signal loss per year in air
• Repeatability: 1% of signal

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