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The new MGA9000 Dual Gas Filter Correlation and Paramagnetic Oxygen analyzer in one. Individual gas inputs, displays, outputs and ranges offer unrivaled versatility for gas testing and monitoring.

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GFCIR gas analyzer

2 & 3 Gas Analyzer Series MGA9000

The Series MGA9000 relies on the Gas Filter Correlation technique of the NDIR gas measurement principle coupled with a highly accurate Paramagnetic Oxygen sensor.

This Dual IR gas analyzer also features a solid state detector and long life IR source.



Using an inovative dual gas filter correlation infrared for accuracy without cross interference, paramagnetic for O2, individual gas inputs, displays, outputs and ranges, the MGA9000 offers cost-effectiveness and performance.

The gas analyzer has a totally automatic microprocessor-based operation including auto-startup, auto-calibration, auto-range, internal parameter monitoring and alarms. This makes the instrument ideal as a "smart" stand-alone unit or as a "building block" for systems integration via a RS-232 communications port or remote contact closures. Automatic diagnostics and fully-configurable concentration alarms are also integral to the series MGA9000 gas analyzers.

A large multifunction, backlit LCD provides a clear display of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide gas concentration measurement, range, sample flowrate and the status of critical operating parameters including sample flow, pressure, temperature, DC and bias power supplies. The intuitive, menu-driven interface and soft key buttons enable the operator to quickly configure and control the gas analyzer function. The unit features 19" rack mounting at 3 RU height and a weight of 50 Lb. It has a dual voltage capability of 115 Vac and 230 Vac which is switchable from the rear panel.




The 9000MGA will drastically reduce the cabinet space required for a CEMS.
The photos below are of a full GFC-IR CO and CO2, Paramagnetic O2, Heated FID and Heated Chemiluminescence NO/NOx with full gas sample conditioning.


MGA9000 Models

9120MGA CO / CO2
9128MGA CO / CO2 / O2
9160MGA NO / CO
9168MGA NO / CO / O2

9250MGA CO2 / CH4
9258MGA CO2 / CH4 / O2
9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high)
9000MGA CO (low) / CO (high) / O2





MGA9128 Dual GFC-IR with Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzer Specifications:


infrared gas analyzer


Detector Type:
Dual NDIR Gas Filter Correlation rotary filter system w/ solid state detectors

Second Detector: Paramagnetic Cell
Ranges (for each channel): A, B, C, D or E, Auto-ranging standard

A: 100, 500, 1000ppm
B: 1000, 5000, 10000ppm
C: 1, 5, 10%
D: 5, 10, 20%
E: 20, 50, 100%

Response Time: 5s (T5 to T95)
Flow Rate: 1.0 to 5.0 lpm
Inlet Pressure: -5.0 to 15 psig, calibration gas: 5 to 30 psig
Accuracy and Repeatability: +/- 1.0% of range or 0.2ppm
Temperature Effects: Zero: <+/- 0.2% per degree C, Span: <+/- 0.35% per degreeC
Detector Noise: Range dependant
Linearity: < 0.5%
Remote Control: Range, calibration and standby mode via contact closure or RS-232
Outputs: 0-10VDC and isolated 4-20mA concentration and range identifier voltage
Logic Outputs: Range, calibration, gas path, mode and readiness
Alarms: Two configurable gas concentration alarms, logic outputs and one fault contact set
Power: Dual voltage 115/230 VAC +/- 15%, switch-selectable, 400VA max.
Environment: Temperature: 5-30 degrees C, 95%RH, non-condensing
19" rack-mount, 3RU (133.5mm) height, 525mm depth, 25Kg weight
Options: Internal sample pump, dual range measurement and low range measurement
Warranty: 2 Years parts and labor plus complimentary maintenance service



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